Knives as Art: Form & Function



This is a brief outline of what I utilize to create the knives that that you see in the gallery.

Steel - I prefer using 440C stainless for its toughness and versatility. The fact that you can obtain a mirror polish or an attractive brush finish is very desirable to me. It is very rust resistant.

I like certain qualities of carbon steel. One thing that I experimented with is the colors that can be achieved using a torch and an oil based quench like WD40. Rich blues and rainbow effects are often obtained. Rust is a culprit to beware of with carbon steel. Damascus steel has the wonderful patterns that can be so desirable, as well.


I have really enjoyed working with copper. This material is often overlooked and can take a brilliant polish, but also can develop an attractive patina, which I like.


Nickel Silver is another wonderful material to work with, tough, corrosion resistant. Ability to take any finish and very versatile in carving and shaping. It's Great stuff! Much better than silver for a lasting finish.


Woods are so rich and attractive, the more exotic the better. Any shape or texture can be achieved with wood and it is pleasing both to the eye and to the touch. Cocobolo, Ironwood, Ebony, and many more are available and add value to my work.


I intend to add more blade forging to my repertoire in the near future. This is a direction that has held great interest for me.