Like most boys I've always had an interest in knives. My brothers and I grew up in a time and place where all boys had a pocketknife, hunting knife, or if you were lucky, both. Growing up, I never lost my fascination for knives nor my appreciation for one of good quality. It was as a young adult that I had the good fortune to meet someone who changed my perception of knives and consequently my view of the knife world forever.
In 1977 I had no idea that a handmade knife even existed. That is the year that I met and became a best friend to Ron Frazier. Ron had been making handmade knives for about a year or so by then and was beginning his rocket ride to superstar status in the world of handmade knives. He let me come to his shop in Powhatan, VA. We hung out a lot for the next 30 years or so, and he patiently taught me everything that I now know.
Mike Ruslander has been making knives for a long time. All of his knives are handmade in the sense that there is no part of the process where the knife or its components are not held in his hands at some point in its creation. He uses a minimum of shop tools including belt grinders, drill presses and a buffer, but most everything else is done by hand tools. He uses no milling machines. Each piece is one of a kind and made the best that he can make it. Close attention paid to quality and detail.
Mike lives in Richmond, VA with his wife and daughter.  He can be contacted by email at